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SunTek is a full service, technology consulting organization. Our approach extends our services beyond software and application installation to complete system integrations, custom development, consulting, training, and support. Our dedicated team of professionals is our greatest asset, and each of us is committed to upholding our mission of making our customers successful.

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Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele.



Implementing a business solution on time and within budget requires a proven approach. SunTek provides proven practices for planning, designing, developing and deploying successful business management software solutions. SunTek provides a flexible and scalable framework to meet the needs of any size organization or project team. 
SunTek’s guidance consists of principles, models, and disciplines for managing people, processes, and technology elements, and their tradeoffs, that most projects encounter. The SunTek approcah consists of four iterative Steps:

Step 1. Evaluate

  • Plan Pre-Engagement with Customer
    Transfer knowledge of the customer from the sales resource and contact the customer to set the proper expectations for the engagement.
  • Plan Pre-Engagement with Internal Team
    Define the consulting team, transfer knowledge of the customer to the consulting team and discuss team roles and responsibilities.

Step 2 Plan

  • Review and Document Current Business Processes
    Review and document the customer’s business processes.
  • Review and Document Legacy Data System Conversion
    Identify and review the customer’s legacy data system(s) and document the conversion approach.
  • Review and Document Integration Requirements
    Analyze and document, at a high level, any requirements for integrating data to/from other systems.
  • Define Training Scope
    Define the scope of the training to be delivered during the engagement. This includes the users, role of the consultant and type of training.
  • Define User Acceptance Testing Scope
    Define the scope of the user acceptance testing the customer requires for the implementation.
  • Define Deployment Options
    Define and document, with the customer, the approach that should be taken to deploy the solution across the organization and support the initial go-live period.

Step 3 Build

  • Install software
    Install server and client software.
  • Configure
    Configure the application as defined during the planning phase activities.

Step 4 Deploy

  • Deploy
    Prepare the customer for the new solution and roll it out to the organization.

Intergrated Sales

Implementation Process
SunTek helps you streamline your implementation, getting your staff up and running faster on your new system at lower cost. You gain productivity and increased quality through a more standardized implementation based on industry standrads.  Once your staff has formed a solid base of familiarity, they’ll retain more information from classroom or online training.
Software Support
For most clients, SunTek acts as their first resource for questions, training, and troubleshooting. Our goal is to make you as proficient and independent as possible. When a quick phone call will resolve most questions, we’re here and ready to help. We can leverage the Internet via a secure connection or RDC for instant support.

Site Surveys
Whether a Client is considering the purchase of software or use of our services for an existing installation, SunTek will help you by developing an understanding of your network, computing needs, and processes. After surveying your site, we document our findings and make recommendations to improve computing performance, security, and stability.

System Administration
SunTek engineers and technicians specialize in server and services administration. Additional services for mid-size companies include administration of Microsoft Exchange, backup, and anti-virus software.
When you have a problem with your systems, call us first. We act as your IT department, providing technical services or coordinating your choice of subcontractors for web site hosting, telecommunications, hardware, or operating systems. We provide regularly-scheduled system and SQL checkups. Let us know what meets your needs.

Most clients have SunTek provide annual upgrade services. Our repetitive experience lowers the risks associated with upgrades, minimizes the down time, and gets your staff working sooner. We can assist you with minimizing the cost by providing straightforward upgrade checklists so you can manage backup and file maintenance tasks. We offer the best combination we have in service, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Network Services

Networking Services

SunTek provides a broad range of network consulting services to help our clients achieve the highest level of productivity from their technology infrastructure and applications. We service our networking clients with a fully trained team., that are current on the latest technologies utilized within small and middle market organizations.

SunTek system engineers can fully design, develop and implement your network solution from start to finish, or they can join your project team to assist on a project you manage internally. As a Microsoft Partner, SunTek can provide ongoing support for the three critical technology infrastructure layers deployed with an organization:

  • LAN/WAN network environment
  • Database platform running business applications (i.e. Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Business applications (i.e. Everest Advance, Great Plains, Microsoft CRM, FRx, Crystal Reports)

As a result, we can identify and fix the root cause of a problem to ensure that your systems are up and running at all times to support the business strategy.

SunTek’s Network Services include the following:

  • Server and workstation hardware sale and implementation
  • Windows Server Active Directory design, implementation and clustering
  • Microsoft Exchange Server implementation and upgrades
  • Service pack updates and security upgrades
  • Systems upgrades, migrations, consolidations and standardizations
  • LAN/WAN audits, design and implementation
  • Network building migrations
  • High availability networks
  • Server audits
  • UltraBac backup system design and implementation
  • Firewalls/Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Application development
  • Remote Access Server solutions
  • Terminal Server remote access solutions

Everest Advance

Everest Advanced is an award-winning, fully integrated business-management solution that enables you to achieve greater flexibility, control, and accuracy in all key operational areas of your small to medium-sized business. The unparalleled results include: enhanced visibility across all business operations, increased productivity, and stronger business performance.

People Ready

The People-Ready Business

Inside your company is a powerful force: a force that can cut costs, add customers, and find innovative new business opportunities. It’s your people. Are they ready?

What is a people-ready business?

A people-ready business knows that people are its most important asset, and it empowers its people to drive the business forward. When individuals realize their potential, your company realizes its potential.

Is your business people-ready:

· Do you have the information you need to make an intelligent, informed decision every time you need to make one?

· Can you work with groups around the world and exchange ideas as though you were all in the same room?

· Can you interact with customers, solve problems, and create loyalty and satisfaction with instant answers and up-to-the-minute information, all with a few mouse clicks?

· Are you able to work as efficiently and effectively on the road as you can at the office?

The answers could very well depend on the software you use, the technology partners you’ve chosen, and the core infrastructure on which your company runs.

That’s where SunTek, Inc. can help. A full service technology organization, our approach extends our services beyond software and application installation to complete system integrations, custom development, consulting, training, and support.


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Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele.

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